Today We Remember Firefighter Charles Margiotta

Charles (Chuck) Margiotta was a tough guy — a football player, movie stuntman and 20-year veteran of the Fire Department — But beneath his forbidding exterior — the stern facade, the tattoos and 240 pounds of muscle — was a gardener who nurtured tomato plants alongside Ladder Co. 85 in New Dorp

Today We Remember Firefighter Joseph Maffeo

As love stories go, the tale of Joseph “Joey” and Linda Maffeo was the kind of romance found in storybooks set in far off places. It is a story that Mrs. Maffeo is saving for Christopher, 1, whose smile would send his father racing home to Grant City after work.

Today We Remember Firefighter Robert Linnane

Robert Linnane was a horrible dresser. With the ridiculous bright red shorts that he jogged in while training to join the Fire Department and the mismatched get-ups that he called evening wear, he was a walking affront to the eyes.

Today We Remember FDNY Paramedic Lillo

FDNY paramedic Carlos Lillo, 37, worked out of Battalion 49, Astoria, Queens. A New York native, Lillo received his paramedic training at Booth Memorial Hospital (now New York Hospital of Queens). He worked for FDNY EMS (and NYC EMS prior to the merger) for 16 years.