Today We Remember Firefighter Robert Linnane

Robert Linnane was a horrible dresser. With the ridiculous bright red shorts that he jogged in while training to join the Fire Department and the mismatched get-ups that he called evening wear, he was a walking affront to the eyes.

Today We Remember FDNY Paramedic Lillo

FDNY paramedic Carlos Lillo, 37, worked out of Battalion 49, Astoria, Queens. A New York native, Lillo received his paramedic training at Booth Memorial Hospital (now New York Hospital of Queens). He worked for FDNY EMS (and NYC EMS prior to the merger) for 16 years.

Today We Remember Firefighter Neil Leavy

Neil J. Leavy always wanted to be where the action was. His dream came true when he was assigned to Engine 217 in Bedford-Stuyvesant, one of the busiest firehouses in the city. A firefighter, first grade, he served the department for nearly five years and received two unit citations for bravery.

Today We Remember Firefighter Joseph Leavey

Joseph G. Leavey was born on November 13th‚ 1955 to Mary and Joseph Leavey and grew up in the Inwood section of Manhattan. He attended Good Shepherd Grammar School graduating in June of 1969 and the former Power Memorial Academy where he graduated as class valedictorian in June of 1973.

Today We Remember Firefighter Robert Lane

The dented old car parked by Engine Co. 55’s firehouse didn’t look like much to the Secret Service. They wanted every vehicle within a 10-block radius cleared before President George W. Bush visited the Little Italy company, three weeks after the terrorist attack.