Today We Remember Firefighter Scott Kopytko

Scott Michael Kopytko‚ age 32‚ attended St. John’s University where he received a Bachelor of Science‚ was a member of the honor society‚ and was one semester away from completing his Master’s in Finance.

Today We Remember Firefighter Robert King

Bobby was born to Robert and Audrey King on March 24, 1965 in Mineola, New York. Bobby’s early years were spent on Long Island; however, his family has long had a connection to the Ellenville area having spent summers and weekends here.

Today We Remember Firefighter Thomas Kennedy

Thomas J. Kennedy had the sort of welcoming face that babies and children love. Wherever he went, they would try to make friends. “He would treat kids as if they were adults,” said a brother, Bob. “Then he could play the kid himself, at the same time.”

Today We Remember Firefighter Ronald Kerwin

In September 1981‚ Ron became a firefighter for the FDNY. He worked in E275 for 10 years and then worked for L126 for 2 years. He was promoted to Fire Marshal in 1993 and in September 1997‚ he was promoted to Lieutenant.

Today We Remember Firefighter Thomas W. Kelly

As a 20-year-old apprentice in the steamfitters’ union, one of Thomas W. Kelly’s first assignments took him to the World Trade Center. It was 1970, and what would become New York City’s most prominent landmark was climbing upwards.

Today We Remember Firefighter Richard Kelly

Fun-loving, carefree, gentle and kind, his free spirit was always on display, particularly when he played the “boom bah” — an odd musical contraption that resembles a pogo stick with cymbals, a cow bell and various other percussive instruments attached. Richard played the boom bah at firehouse functions, weddings, dances and bar mitzvahs.