Today We Remember Firefighter Andrew Brunn

Andrew Christopher Brunn was born on April 27‚ 1973 and died in the line of duty at the World Trade Center on September 11‚ 2001 as a member of Ladder 5 in Greenwich Village.

He served in the New York Air National Guard as a member of the 213 Engineering Installation Squadron for 10 years‚ reaching the rank of Staff Sergeant. He began his service to New York City as an NYPD officer in August 1993‚ attaining the rank of Sergeant in January 2001. Wanting to do more for New York and its people‚ he joined the FDNY in May 2001.

Even though he was still a ‘probie’ when he died‚ the officers and firefighters of his firehouse knew he would have been one of the ‘great ones.’ He was a natural leader. Andrew was very intelligent‚ honest‚ godly‚ and noble. He was extremely sensitive and caring. He would always help out‚ without ever being asked. His sense of humor‚ even in the worst of circumstances‚ was unflagging.

Andrew was a dedicated family man‚ devoted to his wife Sigalit‚ his father Andy‚ and his younger sister Christina. A loyal friend to old schoolmates and co-workers alike‚ all of whom miss him dearly. He was especially talented at computer science‚ a favorite hobby.

He excelled at anything he tried and loved surfing‚ snowboarding‚ skateboarding‚ fishing and riding on roller coasters‚ the bigger the better!!!