Today We Remember Firefighter Ronnie Gies

Lt. Ronnie E. Gies was assigned to Engine 14 in Manhattan in 1988 after Probie School; he later moved on to Engine 308 in Richmond Hill and in 1990 took his career to the Special Operations Company of Squad 288 in Maspeth‚ Queens. On September 10‚ 2001‚ he was promoted to the office of Lieutenant‚ which he wanted and studied for so hard.

Ronnie was also a volunteer firefighter in his hometown of Merrick‚ Long Island‚ where he achieved the rank of Chief of Department twice‚ being in the Chief’s office for a total of 6 years. He ended his career in the position of Chairman of the Board for Friendship Engine and Hose Company #2 of the Merrick Fire Department. Having been in the Volunteer Fire Department for 25 years‚ Ronnie was highly educated and trained in all aspects of firefighting‚ rescue‚ recovery and CFR-D.

Nothing was more important to Ronnie than his family. Father of three teenage sons: Tommy‚ Ronnie and Bobby. They were what he lived for. Sports‚ vacations‚ and just hanging out with his sons were the highlights of his life. Each of his sons was involved in their father’s firefighting career in one way or another.

Ronnie and Carol were married for 20 years on September 5‚ 2001. They had such a strong‚ mutual love for one another. Ronnie‚ Carol and ‘the boys‚’ as they were known‚ had so many plans for their future together – cut extremely too short as a family unit.