Today We Remember FireFighter Matthew Barnes

Mathew Barnes was thirty five years old when he passed on. He-was a valued asset in the fire department and was honored at city hall after saving two baby twins who were on top of a 100-foot building in Upper West side.

He climbed on a 100-foot aerial ladder to go and rescue the six week old twins from a furious fire. He rescued the twins and a ceremony was organized in respect to his courage and selflessness.

He was a father of three boys and married. Among the things he loved doing most was fishing. His wife said that he would assign him a home project but he always managed to run off with the kids and go fishing with them but the work was done anyway. He was loved both at his home and at work.

He died fighting for his country and serving it, he is a hero that will remain deep in our hearts and will always be in our thoughts. May his soul rest in eternal peace as his thoughts stay in our mind and hearts.